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Skinnygirl Daily on Magento

Skinnygirl Daily is a relatively new company that combines celebrity endorsement with proven scientific research to create a popular and efficient product line of on-the-go health supplements.  American TV personality Bethenny Frankel’s love of life, natural foods, and a healthy body despite a busy lifestyle and Matt Hesse’s focus on safe supplementation combined to inspire the Skinnygirl Daily brand.  The homepage is instantly inviting, with inspirational pictures, Bethenny Frankel quotes, and applicable proverbs shifting above links to their Facebook page, Lifestyle blog articles, success story testimonials, and product pages.  The unique, colorful background and clip-art style graphics highlight the “girly” aspect of the brand.

The Skinnygirl Daily website, however, focuses more on just the merchandise that they sell; an assortment of healthy recipes, cleansing tips, and abilities to connect with other Skinnygirl Daily users creates a well-rounded online health community rather than just your typical e-Commerce site.  Still, the process of buying their products is easily navigable as well.  With a diverse product line and optional combinations of testing out different flavors and sampler packs, the procedure is undoubtedly personalized.

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Kurt Geiger on Magento has been Europe’s leading authority on designer footwear for men and women since 1963.  For a company known for style and sophistication, the sleek design of their website and focus on image rather than text both showcases their merchandise and contributes to an overall modern simplicity.

Product pages are equally basic yet elegant, with a scroll bar that continually refreshes the page with additional images.  A drop-down menu on top initially organizes product according to style, gender, and brand, while a further selection of check-boxes on the side of product pages allows the ability to narrow merchandise based on color and size.

One of the best features of the site is the “Be Inspired” section, complete with fashion films, a lookbook, print campaign images, and a blog page.  Although the Kurt Geiger brand is well-known in Europe, selling over 2 million pairs of shoes each year through luxury UK department stores, 2012 began Kurt Geiger’s first move to North America with the launch of his US specific online store and store openings across the country.  The Kurt Geiger vision is to be the world’s leading multi-channel retailer of luxury branded shoes and accessories, and their chic website is one step in the right direction.

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Fresh Seafood on Magento

Immediately upon clicking on, viewers can see the cleverness, imagination, and welcoming quality of their website.  Although bordering on feeling “cluttered”, this website remains undeniably memorable and it certainly conveys the brand message through its assortment of graphics and original layout.  Images of certain products are showcased on a rolling cart graphic, while the background of the entire page is made to resemble a meat counter, complete with a “Today’s Special” blackboard, papers of recipes lying around, and an apron-clad employee holding a huge bass.  What else would you expect from a century-old, family-owned seafood business from Seattle?

Nonetheless, a side menu organizes products rather efficiently and, upon selecting one, the page details become considerably more visible.  Furthermore, selecting a product and checking out couldn’t be much easier.  Best of all, the website includes numerous other interesting features: a seafood blog, world famous recipes, seafood facts, “Fresh Seafood” in the news, and a page to “Meet Our Fishmongers”.

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Kelly Paper on Magento

Kelly Paper sells all kinds of paper products to businesses to be used for brochures, business cards, flyers, menus, and other applicable marketing materials.  Although their homepage is exceptionally basic–which is understandable given their industry–the website boasts a few unique features that set it apart.  For one, a company video is displayed directly on the homescreen, rather than a slideshow of images.  Additionally, a chat bar in the lower right-hand corner allows you to instantly contact paper experts.  There’s even a blog with paper craft ideas, store events, and various other news and videos pertaining to the paper industry.

Furthermore, a drop-down menu with thick, bold fonts and numerous categories makes the shopping experience organized and effortless; options to filter search results by price, weight, recycled content percentage, size, brightness, finish, color, and manufacturer ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.  Plus, this Magento-powered site is mobile-friendly and certain parts of the screen move accordingly as you scroll!  The handy store locator application and ability to check-out as a guest make the transaction as untroublesome as possible.


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Kaiser + Kraft on Magento

Kaiser + Kraft’s online platform is proof that Magento is a global application; as the world’s largest industrial, logistics, and office supplies administer, Kaiser + Kraft has set up 44 branches in 27 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia.  One of their e-Commerce branches that utilizes Magento happens to be their Chinese branch and, despite an obvious language barrier, their site is easily navigable once translated.

Although the site is not necessarily the most embellished or cheerful design we’ve witnessed on some others, the layout is indeed efficient.  The side menu bar expands at the rollover of a mouse, with helpful pictures accompanying all text; product detail pages are simple and straightforward, with options to list merchandise based on location, price, title, or popularity.  The check-out process is similarly uncomplicated, with a registration process that can be completed in under one minute.

Winterson on Magento

Winterson is a London-based company focusing on selling luxury pearl jewelry online.  As would be expected, their website is classically elegant, with a slowly fading slideshow of product images, easy readability, and a simple, subtle color palette of grays and light pink.  A drop-down menu and further product search filters accompany the merchandise.  Most vitally, each and every product is given an extensive description confirming authenticity and dimensions.  Additionally, the zoom technology and image clarity is particularly useful when browsing.  Finally, the “guest” check-out option is another way in which the shopping process is particularly easy.

The Winterson brand is also connected to various other outlets: a chic accompanying blog includes posts about upcoming jewelry trends and other fashion topics, and there are also links to connect to their Facebook or Twitter pages, (which could be especially useful if wanting to share the product you can’t really afford with friends and family through social media).

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Gifts that Give on Magento

Gifts that Give is one Magento-powered e-Commerce website that truly takes away all qualms of online shopping and makes you actually feel pretty good about indulging in one of our universal guilty pleasures.  With 20% of each purchase automatically donated to the charity of your choice–(and, they sell hundreds of well-known brands–think Lilly Pulitzer and Dylan’s Candy Bar, to name a few–without raising the standard prices)–who wouldn’t want to spend their online shopping allowance on this one-of-a-kind, philanthropic website?

The homepage is, in one word, inviting.  Filled with strategically-placed hearts, popping with color, and highlighting their numerous supported causes and a slideshow of featured brands, the urge to spend all of your money in the name of charity and cute accessories instantly and uncontrollably amplifies.  Products can be searched and narrowed according to brand, category, and price, with each one openly listing how much money would be donated to charity if you were to purchase it.  When checking out, you have the opportunity to donate more to charity and to “share” your purchase on Facebook so that friends can donate to the same cause, as well.  The fact that donations make your purchase tax-deductible and that “Gifts that Give” is connected with hundreds of thousands of philanthropies worldwide, including everything from college Greek organizations’ philanthropies to St. Jude’s, their mission and affordable prices are sure to gain respect and popularity in the same way that Toms and similar brands recently have.

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The Greeting Farm on Magento

The entire website of “The Greeting Farm” is as charming and welcoming as its name suggests; a small-scale seller of hand-designed rubber stamps, the homepage is jam-packed with adorable sketches, fun fonts, and unique color patterns with polka dots, bows, and a childlike innocence vibe, creating a truly memorable shopping experience.

The products are creatively displayed as if they were being used as stamps, shown against a cardboard letter background.  The overall design–everything from the buttons’ stitch outline to the circles dotting each and every “i”, make the entire website cohesive, unforgettable, and simply cheerful.  Check-out does require a registration, but this is the only time-consuming aspect of the shopping experience; plus, creating an account comes with numerous benefits: The Greeting Farm hosts a community forum, blog, and gallery with opportunities for membership competitions and prizes.

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Customizo on Magento

Customizo is a business platform that relies on cutting edge internet technology to run their company.  They offer competitive prices on custom apparel and other embroidered accessories for groups, teams, businesses, and any other mass orders.  Their homepage is clean-cut, akin to the blank canvases of products they offer.  A drop-down menu allows customers to choose among various clothing styles and other merchandise, while the majority of your time on their website is spent in the Design Studio (pictured below).

Whether you choose to start from scratch or utilize one of their thousands of inspired templates, ranging from sorority designs to sports logos and religious images (pictured below), you can create anything your mind can imagine in the Customizo Design Studio.  After choosing a background color, you can upload and place artwork, edit pre-established graphics, and add text to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Other unique features include the “Personal Shopper,” in which twelve questions with options to check multiple answers narrows down the products that match your specific criteria, the ability to side-by-side compare products, and the feature that allows simultaneous group collaboration on the design of a product.  Although the site requires a registration to make a customized item and complete a purchase, the check-out process is quite simple and straightforward.

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The North Face on Magento

One of the most well-known brands in the world of outdoor sporting attire, The North Face boasts an equally impressive website.  The homepage is immediately eye-catching, with a black-and-white mountainous background sitting behind popping color action shots of their attire in use.  Plus, each category (skiing, snowboarding, running, and climbing) features a renowned athlete in that sport and allows you to “gear up” like them.  In addition, a drop-down menu at the top of the site allows you to organize items by gender and type of equipment, as well as browse products according to their benefit (waterproof, packable, recycled content, etc.) or technology (Windstopper, GORE-TEX, HyVent, etc.).

The North Face Online spotlights many more unique features than a typical e-Commerce clothing site.  For instance, the “Innovation” page allows buyers to witness the research and development behind their state-of-the-art technologies, while their video gallery and blog feature everything from product how-to’s to tips and sneak-peaks of expeditions of well-known athletes (See one such “Bio” page below).

Product detail pages are equally well-systematized, with numerous options to narrow down or create an order to your selections.  A mouse roll-over on a product allows an effortless zoom-in with impeccable clarity.  Also, each product features detailed specifications, easily-accessible reviews, and options to share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, or E-mail.  Check-out is also easy: no account is necessary and options to ship to a nearby store allows you to get free shipping!

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