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Pure & Little on Magento

Pure & Little serves as yet another Magento-powered eCommerce site whose brand emphasizes the “green” and organic foundations of their products.  Pure & Little offers a variety of eco-friendly baby products including everything from organic cotton baby clothes to natural baby skin care to lullaby CDs!  The overall site design, blending an earth-toned color palette with jubilant graphics and scattered hearts, matches the company’s twofold brand message perfectly.  Products are organized by category on the homepage, and then further categorized using clickable graphics (as shown below).

Product detail pages contain a convenient “You May Also Like” tool, and checkout is a breeze with six quick steps for guests and an even simpler process for registered customers. A few unique features of Pure & Little include its gift registry service, numerous inclusions in various press outlets, and thorough, bona fide description on “Why Organic?”.   The current trendiness of environmental consciousness has led Pure & Little to gain a growing celebrity clientele, which is sure to further propel the company’s success in the coming years.

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Seven Planet on Magento

Seven Planet incorporates an earthy design in their overall theme and color patterns, which both reflects the brand’s ecofriendly message and provides a welcome, refreshing break from the typical Magento “look”.  The brown background is meant to resemble recycled burlap, while white and green fonts accompany natural images to complete the cohesion.

Seven Planet is the world’s first chain of “green” general stores, offering products ranging from apparel to food to lighting to pet products!  They have a vision to promote the practice of mindful commerce, which customers are reminded of throughout their product descriptions and overall site design.  A homepage drop-down menu with fly-out navigation is used to initially organize products; then, after selecting a category (“apparel”, “energy”, “food”, “health”, “household”, “shelter”, or “travel”), the company offers a few statistics on the wasteful practices currently going on in the world and ways in which knowledge of reusability can promote change.  Then, a six-step checkout procedure and options to use Google Checkout make the purchasing process rather effortless.  Other unique features–a video page, a blog centered around eco-friendliness, and a calendar of relevant events–are currently under construction.

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Memory Foam Shop on Magento

Upon first glance, the Memory Foam Shop E-Commerce site is instantly eye-catching, with an animated outer-space-themed design (moving clouds, shooting stars, and a glistening moon!) and a vibrant purple color scheme.  Designed by Magento specialists, this online store is mobile-friendly, connected to multiple social media outlets, efficiently practical, and aesthetically-pleasing!  An assortment of different-sized mattresses are systematized and easily navigable, with each containing graphics describing their benefits–good blood circulation, temperature sensitivity, orthopedic technology, etc.  It is also possible to find an item through two drop-down boxes on the homepage, organized according to size and comfort level.  Finally, a secure check-out process features six easy steps, with options to use PayPal and to register an account or proceed as a guest.

As the only memory foam mattress supplier in the UK to offer the 10 Year “LifeLast Guarantee” and additional bonuses of free pillows and free next-day delivery, it’s no wonder that Memory Foam Shop is the largest independent supplier of memory foam mattresses in all of England!

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jb and me on Magento

jb and me debuted in March of 1997 in Holland, Michigan, by a mother and daughter team who seem to genuinely care about each and every woman looking her absolute best through fashion.  With a complimentary personal shopping offer, a blog with numerous style tips, and inspiring quotes strewn around the charmingly-designed website, jb and me is more than a simple clothing site; it’s a community.  jb and me strives to offer a blend of designer fashion that appeal to women of all ages.  A pop-up lookbook is an especially interesting feature, with links to “pin” items to Pinterest, Tweet about them, or “Like” them on Facebook.  Although jb and me differs from most Magento-powered sites in that merchandise is currently purchased only in-store, the growing company’s online capabilities are sure to grow as well.

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BigFoot Tickets on Magento

For over a decade, Bigfoot Tickets has provided quality seats at unbeatable prices to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth transactions.  With so many different types of products offered–including tickets varying by city, venue, sport, concert genre, theater production, and more–BigFoot needed a highly-structured site on the Magento platform to be successful.

They accomplished this in a few different ways, beginning with the all-encompassing search bar at the top of the homescreen.  Additionally, the home page features menus for various sports, concerts, theaters, and top cities and venues.  After choosing a particular event, the page is set up for easy visibility to find the best possible tickets!  A handy box at the top of each page shows how many tickets are still available and the overall price range.  Products are then organized in a list according to prime location and can be further narrowed by selecting a price range or quantity available.  The one-step billing process is extremely effortless, with options to have your tickets electronically delivered.

Also, purchasing tickets from BigFoot is 100% secure and 100% guaranteed, which is especially important in their particular product market!  BigFoot Tickets is all about efficiency and customer convenience, and their online site is proof!

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Bare and Beautiful on Magento

Bare and Beautiful originated as a UK-based family business in 2004, as a mother’s way to create healthy bath products suitable for her daughter’s sensitive skin.  Now, nearly a decade later, the company is rapidly growing and sought out Magento as a way to get their E-Commerce site booming!  Although much of the website is still under construction, a few features already stand out.

Products are straightforwardly organized into three distinct categories–bath time treats (think pina colada smoothie bath mallow!), cold process soaps, and glycerin soaps.  Each category features interesting and unique “flavors” and product detail pages appear exceptionally customized and personal, with rich descriptions accompanying each one.  Check-out is simple with an option to use PayPal.  Overall, the site is clean-cut and efficient, with obvious room for improvement as the company and its online platform continue to grow.

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PeaceLoveWorld on Magento

As the company states itself, “PeaceLoveWorld’s philosophy is as simple as it sounds: the intention to spread peace, love, and happiness wherever possible.”  With over 60,000 Facebook Fans and celebrity customers including Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Ellen Degeneres, the PeaceLoveWorld website design adequately reflects the brand’s chic popularity and modern spiritedness.  Everything from fun font choices to a slideshow of vivid product images creates a feel-good vibe on this E-Commerce site operating on the Magento platform.

After making a selection from the homepage’s drop-down menu, products are further filtered through one of the most extensive side menus imaginable: options are available to narrow merchandise according to collection, category, color, symbol type, symbol color, sleeve length, material, symbol location, neck type, fit, finish, or size!  Furthermore, product detail pages contain just about everything you could ever ask for: incredible zooming features, numerous picture angles, extensive details/reviews/FAQ’s, and many even contain a video of the garment being photographed.  Check-out is made easy with only 6 steps and the ability to log-in using a Facebook account.  Other useful website features include its mobile-friendliness, links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and a supplementary fashion blog.

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Wild Poppies on Magento

As an exclusively-online retailer, Wild Poppies definitely makes the most out of their Magento-powered website.  Wild Poppies Flowers serves as a New Zealand-based international brand that sends unique floral arrangements and provides beautiful gift baskets, both to individual customers and large business partners such as Telecom, Bayleys Real Estate, and Westin Hotels.

Ultimately, the company relies on stand-out product imagery against a white background, as well as exceptional functionality and accessibility, to create a successful and memorable E-Commerce experience. The homepage is clean and well-organized, with a vibrant slideshow of photographs of floral arrangements, easily accessible “Customer Favourites”, and a handy drop-down menu sorting merchandise according to type, occasion, recipient, and price.  Then, upon selecting a broad category, products may be ordered by price, style, or color.  Each flower product detail page features an assortment of size options, an extensive overview of the shipping process, and quotes from satisfied customers.  Finally, the secure check-out process can be completed in five simple steps.  Overall, the Wild Poppies website is classic and unembellished, which is one of the many reasons it has remained in successful operation since 1998.

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Morris & Sons on Magento

The website of Morris & Sons clothing company is one whose design is instantly eye-catching, inviting, and utterly unforgettable.  Morris & Sons is a Chicago-based company that offers Italian designer clothing, after-five apparel, and handmade tailored clothing.  Celebrating over 60 years of business, Morris & Sons online platform highlights both their obvious development and consistent commitment to classic style.

A drop-down menu on top is further filtered according to a selected designer; further, users can zoom-in on and drag around a chosen garment before making a purchase.  Although checkout requires the registration of an account, the process is simple and effortless.

A few unique features include the roll-over media section which shows the brand in an assortment of top-tier fashion magazines; a “travelogue” with blog posts on everything from how to correctly tie a Windsor Knot to a history of style through the ages; and various community polls accompanied by a live Twitter feed.

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Gant on Magento

GANT is a Swiss clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949, and has since grown into a global clothing business.  A unique blend of European inspiration, New England styles, and a mix of traditionalism and modernity can be seen throughout the website’s vivid imagery and high-fashion statement pieces.  The layout of product pages is simple yet functional, with filters for clothing type, accessories, collection, season, size, and color.  One useful feature is that product detail pages pop-up, allowing customers to easily and instantly add products to their carts while still browsing all items at once.  Furthermore, each and every product contains a wide array of images, as well as an extensive details page and sizing chart.

 Other features of Gant’s site serve to highlight the brand’s emphasis on connecting personally with consumers through portraying the feel of a small-town boutique with high-quality merchandise; the story of their humble beginnings–the company was founded by a struggling Ukrainian immigrant in the early twentieth century–are detailed in a series of nostalgic images (one of which is shown below).  The company has additionally partnered with Yale, both incorporating the university into the name of its products and showing students wearing Gant clothing in videos on their website.

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