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Crumbs on Magento

Everything from the vibrant array of colors to the bubbly font choices to the assortment of graphics strewn around gives customers the feeling of being in a cute and quaint Manhattan bakery when browsing the Crumbs website.  Even the option to “create your own 6-pack” includes a drag-and-drop feature with vivid product imagery to simulate the process of actually filling out your own tray (pictured below).  Goods are organized in a simple drop-down menu that distinguishes between their individual signature cupcakes and their differently-sized categories of collections.  A simple mouse roll-over shows alternating vantage points of a product, with especially picturesque, almost tastable photography that is sure to make your mouth water.  Moreover, a quick checkout process allows options for adding customizable greeting cards to your delectable order.  Finally, the website is mobile-friendly and contains accessible connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest–the latter of which is particularly useful as it serves as a #1 hot spot for sweet-tooths to congregate!  Ultimately, Crumbs has certainly utilized the flexibility of Magento to create a memorable, individualized, and efficient shopping experience.

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Toms on Magento

One of the most recognizable and charitable shoe brands worldwide, Toms’ popularity has sky-rocketed since the business’s inception back in 2006.  Due to both the trendy fad of the shoe style, customizable and creative design options, and the brand’s “One for One” commitment to giving, Toms was awarded the prestigious People’s Design Award from the Smithsonian Institution and the 2009 ACE award by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which recognizes companies’ commitments to corporate social responsibility, innovation, exemplary practices, and democratic values worldwide.  This fresh and booming company understandably chose Magneto software to run their online division.

The overall design aspects implemented into the web store reflect the well-known Toms brand perfectly: from the blue-and-white striped header to the “natural” textured backgrounds, unfussy font choices, and plain color palette, the entirety of the website adequately represents the pre-established brand emphasis on serenity and charity.  A slideshow of moving product images on the homescreen showcases a few of the various designs that Toms offers, while a drop-down, fly-out menu atop organizes inventory according to gender, age, and style.  Browsers can also flip through the online catalog to find desired items.  Then, product detail pages contain filters for size, color, and price to narrow down the hundreds of styles–everything from shoes decorated with the Periodic Table graphic to neon blue glitter–to precisely what you’re looking for.  Products also have a “Quick Info” pop-up feature to see available sizes and details without changing pages.  Furthermore, each product page contains numerous customer reviews, pictures of buyers in “How We Wear Them,” extensive sizing details, “Add to Wishlist” capabilities, and assorted related products.

Checkout at Toms is somewhat unique, as the process allows you to register through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, or proceed as a guest.  A secured checkout process that accepts PayPal and various other payment forms completes the uncomplicated shopping experience.  The Toms webpage also features a handy “Retail Finder” to locate any and all nearby stores that carry the brand.

One final unique feature of Toms Online is the feel-good blog connected to the website (pictured below).  An assortment of posts and video entries containing celebrity endorsements, news from third-world nations, and simply inspiring posts adorn the site and certainly make the experience on Tom’s website memorable.

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Skype on Magento

Even one of the most well-recognized brand names in the entire world used Magento software to launch their online shop!  Skype sells an assortment of webcams, headsets, and related products.  All design aspects–from the blue color palette to the cloud graphics to the font choices–reflect the brand’s recognizable trademarks.  Nonetheless, the site’s white background make it clean, modern, and easily navigable.

A drop-down menu on the top of the homepage primarily discusses the operations, prices, and support available for the Skype calling application.  A side menu organizes purchasable products by category, with check-box filters available for brand, subcategories, and price to make the shopping process effortless.  Comparability features and connections to social media outlets are also useful.  The actual purchasing process is outsourced to a global merchant partner, ChatandVision, which operates one of the most efficient check-out transactions imaginable: an option to use PayPal or various credit cards is available, and all information can be filled out and submitted in a single step!

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Amanda Wakeley on Magento

Amanda Wakeley began her brand in 1990 and has since developed an international reputation for designing stylish, supremely luxurious womenswear and accessories.  The trendy and flattering simplicity of her garments have earned her celebrity clientele including Demi Moore, Kate Winslet, and members of the royal family.  The UK-based brand is sold throughout Harrods in London but is also represented throughout Europe, America, and the Middle East.  Her online shop additionally contains “bridal boutique” and “book store” sections!

The website’s black background and minimalist design qualities immediately give it a high-fashion sophistication.  A drop-down, fly-out menu with accompanying pictures effortlessly organizes products and serves for both function and sleek design. Filters are then available based on colour and size.  Check-out (as a guest or registered member) can be completed in a mere six steps.

The entire shopping experience is complete with links to a lookbook, press pictures, runway snapshots, and a stylish blog.

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Smiley Cookie on Magento


Smiley Cookie started out as a Pittsburgh bakery (Eat’n Park, the Place for Smiles) that had a passion for spreading the joy of sweet treats and maintaining a feel-good, charitable vibe throughout their business plan.  Every day, their cookies are distributed to local non-profits, charities, and fundraising events in the community.  And now, they have developed an online cookie delivery company which offers fresh, delicious custom gifts and assorted baskets for every occasion, shippable nationwide.

The brand’s liveliness and gaiety are visible in the pastel-colored background and product images throughout the website.  A vibrant slideshow on the homepage lies between a catalogued drop-down menu and an assortment of “best seller” images below.  Options are available to shop by occasion, recipient, or cookie category, with further filters for shape and price.  One cool feature on the Smiley Cookie website is the ability to design your own frosted cookie! (Pictured below.)  Each product has details regarding allergen information, nutritional facts, related products, and customer reviews.  The check-out is secure and completed in five simple steps, with the additional ability to track your order!

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Birchbox on Magento

Birchbox is a New York-based company that has been in operation for less than three years but has grown rapidly into an international business featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, USA Today, The New York Times, and more.  Birchbox is rather unique in its e-Commerce approach: their subscription service allows users to receive monthly samples of a variety of beauty and grooming products, and their online store then supplies full-size versions for satisfied customers.

Tabs on the homepage initially organize products based on gender, with further drop-down menus filtering inventory according to the specific type of beauty product.  Merchandise can be sorted according to rating, name, price, and recommendations. The product detail pages are filled with useful information, including extensive descriptions–(an overview, “How to Use It,” “How It Works,” and ingredient lists)–editor’s tips, related products, related content, and numerous customer reviews.  Free shipping and an easy, secure check-out process complete the uncomplicated transaction.  Overall, the entire site is clean-cut and easily navigable, with a pink-and-white color palette that adequately reflects their brand.

As they say themselves, “We’re a source of inspiration, advice, and information.”  Their online community features a magazine complete with how-to tutorials, tips-and-tricks blog articles, expert interviews, and helpful videos.  Plus, they incorporate a generous loyalty program which encourages users to “share” the site for money-back, which is easy to do with handy links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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American Meadows on Magento

American Meadows is a different kind of e-Commerce store, stocking a huge selection of wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennials, seed packets, ornamental grasses, ferns, and berries.  For a brand that is so interwoven with ideas of springtime, jubilance, and brightness, American Meadows utilized the flexibility of Magento software to incorporate these themes into their online profile.  A slideshow of vibrant product images pops against an earth-toned background, and graphics of flowers are strewn throughout for a “feel-good” vibe.

Although the site may feel a bit busy at times, the information is ultimately all systematized.  The assortment of 1,000+ different types of seeds and flowers are categorized under a drop-down menu on the homescreen with featured products showcased below.  Then, filters are available to narrow inventory according to zones, planting season, bloom season, flower color, light requirements, mature height, soil accommodations  and suggested uses.  Once an item is selected, extensive product details and customer ratings ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. All steps of check-out are available on a single page, complete with an option to use PayPal!

What truly made American Meadows one of Google’s first featured “Success Stories” is its extensive “How-To” information on their website combined with the quality of their products.  Drawing in over 15,000 customers per day, American Meadows creates a community with helpful blogs, connections to social media, customer stories, inspirational quotes, and numerous guides to allow visitors to share their joys of gardening and save time and money by purchasing online.

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Whistles on Magento

Founded in London around 35 years ago, Whistles originated as an independent clothing boutique and has now evolved into a leading womenswear brand, known for its contemporary, luxurious, and effortless designs. Styles combine a laid-back vibe with an immaculate attention to detail and quality; this brand feature is reflected in the simplistic yet modern design of their website, operating on Magento software.

The homepage of Whistles incorporates a minimalist black-and-white color scheme, with pops of lime green accompanying mouse rollovers.  Product pages contain a few unique features, including 5 sorting options, a choice to view either the specific product or the entire outfit, and an extensive filter system.  Furthermore, product detail pages have excellent zooming capabilities, multiple angled views, and easily accessible links to various social media outlets. Check-out proceeds from your shopping cart to complete payment in only 5 steps!

Other useful features include an efficient store locator, an “inspiration” blog, a mobile site option, and a fashionable look book.

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Rubie Green on Magento

Rubie Green’s stated mission is to dress surroundings in fabrics that represent vitality, energy, comfort, and style,  while remaining eco-friendly by using 100% organic cotton.  With tag-lines like “We know that natural does not mean boring, and that interiors make a house a home”, it is no wonder that the trendy products of Rubie Green have been featured on style blogs, in newspaper articles, and in home magazines ranging from O to Vogue Living.

Rubie Green needed an equally chic and modern website, which they successfully achieved on the Magento platform.  A muted green and tan palette colors the entire site, which serves as a consistent reminder of the brand’s emphasis on the environment.  A picture says one-thousand words throughout their pages, with graphics and photography often replacing the need for lengthy text (see an example of a product page below).  Finally, their check-out process is safe, secure, and simple.  Their homepage describes their brand message as “stylish green living”, and their online design choices certainly reflect this theme.

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Zap Sweets on Magento

Transitioning from the typically-minimalist designs of many websites using Magento, Zap Sweets shows the entire realm of possibilities of the adaptable software.  Big, bright, and offbeat graphics embellish the site; their logo reflects their emphasis on selling “retro” treats, while their bright color scheme embodies their range of colorful candies for sale.  The content slider and boldness are sure to automatically catch customers’ attentions, on top of the obvious, inherent fascination with the type of product they are selling!

Like many Magento-powered sites, a drop-down menu and side-bar filter organize products according to category, occasion, price, recipient, manufacturer, and more.  However, Zap Sweets has additional features that enable you to compare products and share them with friends on Facebook.  Furthermore, you can visit their blog with the latest candy news and even request a sweet if the store doesn’t carry what you are searching for!  Zap Sweets prides itself on customer service and the accessibility of the website certainly demonstrates this!

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