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American Meadows is a different kind of e-Commerce store, stocking a huge selection of wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennials, seed packets, ornamental grasses, ferns, and berries.  For a brand that is so interwoven with ideas of springtime, jubilance, and brightness, American Meadows utilized the flexibility of Magento software to incorporate these themes into their online profile.  A slideshow of vibrant product images pops against an earth-toned background, and graphics of flowers are strewn throughout for a “feel-good” vibe.

Although the site may feel a bit busy at times, the information is ultimately all systematized.  The assortment of 1,000+ different types of seeds and flowers are categorized under a drop-down menu on the homescreen with featured products showcased below.  Then, filters are available to narrow inventory according to zones, planting season, bloom season, flower color, light requirements, mature height, soil accommodations  and suggested uses.  Once an item is selected, extensive product details and customer ratings ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. All steps of check-out are available on a single page, complete with an option to use PayPal!

What truly made American Meadows one of Google’s first featured “Success Stories” is its extensive “How-To” information on their website combined with the quality of their products.  Drawing in over 15,000 customers per day, American Meadows creates a community with helpful blogs, connections to social media, customer stories, inspirational quotes, and numerous guides to allow visitors to share their joys of gardening and save time and money by purchasing online.

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