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Everything about Babybot is for the modern minimalist. From their relevant design-inspired products to their website design to their emphasis on eco-friendliness, their entire brand emits a contemporary and sophisticated vibe.  Font selection, vivid graphics, a plain white background, and a few unique features complete the company’s cohesion.

Their side menu-bar stands out from the typical drop-down, as a simple mouse rollover changes the main graphic of the homepage to match your selection.  Then, a fly-out filter feature is both functional and artful.  Every product shows how many are remaining in stock and contains options to “share” via social media, add to cart, or add to registry.  Finally, with check-out, there are the typical options to register or proceed as guest; however, Babybot takes it a step further and allows you to easily log-in using Facebook!  From there, a simple five-step process is all it takes to complete any transaction.

Ultimately, the Babybot online shopping experience and overall e-design lives up to the company’s mantra, “Say Hello to Modern.”

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