Bare and Beautiful on Magento

Bare and Beautiful originated as a UK-based family business in 2004, as a mother’s way to create healthy bath products suitable for her daughter’s sensitive skin.  Now, nearly a decade later, the company is rapidly growing and sought out Magento as a way to get their E-Commerce site booming!  Although much of the website is still under construction, a few features already stand out.

Products are straightforwardly organized into three distinct categories–bath time treats (think pina colada smoothie bath mallow!), cold process soaps, and glycerin soaps.  Each category features interesting and unique “flavors” and product detail pages appear exceptionally customized and personal, with rich descriptions accompanying each one.  Check-out is simple with an option to use PayPal.  Overall, the site is clean-cut and efficient, with obvious room for improvement as the company and its online platform continue to grow.

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