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For over a decade, Bigfoot Tickets has provided quality seats at unbeatable prices to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth transactions.  With so many different types of products offered–including tickets varying by city, venue, sport, concert genre, theater production, and more–BigFoot needed a highly-structured site on the Magento platform to be successful.

They accomplished this in a few different ways, beginning with the all-encompassing search bar at the top of the homescreen.  Additionally, the home page features menus for various sports, concerts, theaters, and top cities and venues.  After choosing a particular event, the page is set up for easy visibility to find the best possible tickets!  A handy box at the top of each page shows how many tickets are still available and the overall price range.  Products are then organized in a list according to prime location and can be further narrowed by selecting a price range or quantity available.  The one-step billing process is extremely effortless, with options to have your tickets electronically delivered.

Also, purchasing tickets from BigFoot is 100% secure and 100% guaranteed, which is especially important in their particular product market!  BigFoot Tickets is all about efficiency and customer convenience, and their online site is proof!

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