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A company that originated from the passion of three college friends with knacks for art and architecture, Blu Dot has since grown into a nationwide leader in contemporary furniture design.  An inventory of products that are useful, desirable, and affordable stemmed from their own problem: “We didn’t like the stuff we could afford and we couldn’t afford the stuff we liked.” Thus, Blu Dot, with a goal to bring superior design to as many customers as possible, was born.

Everything from the drop-down, fly-out menu to the popping graphics and interesting photography choices sets the homepage of Blu Dot apart.  An instant modernistic feel enchants the visitor, which is only perpetuated upon delving deeper into the site. Their main menu is organized by category, with additional options to view a catalog, locate a store, or browse their tumblr page.  Their unique use of color, design, and layout using Magento allows product imagery to take precedence over text and creates a truly contemporary site.  Browsing product pages is a breeze and a five-step process makes for an effortless checkout!

However, what ultimately modernizes the Blu Dot online store is its connections to social media and its inclusion of interesting features beyond simply e-Commerce.  Besides linking its account to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, Blu Dot also incorporates a “BluTube” page of videos, a section of unique iPhone apps, a blog (pictured below), contests, and more!

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