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For a company that is over two centuries old, boasts to be “the best of British, iconic, individual menswear” and includes allusions to luxury throughout their product descriptions, Crombie has an equally sophisticated and upscale website to sell their products.  Shifting images of contemporary, hand-drawn fashion sketches sit atop bold, sharp photographs of the business’s actual apparel.

A few different aspects of Crombie’s website set it apart (and above) from the rest: an elegant timeline explains the company’s heritage since 1805 and adds to the overall theme of timelessness tied to the products.  Additionally, the product page for purchasing “The Crombie Coat” is also unusually distinct: an assortment of narrow images fills the left side of the screen, with a selected product (or a still of a famous person from history sporting the product) filling the remainder of the page.  The other product pages feature changing images upon leaving your mouse atop one for a few seconds.  This conveniently easy browsing process, along with links to other products to “complete the look”, make shopping on Crombie a hassle-free experience.

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