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Everything from the vibrant array of colors to the bubbly font choices to the assortment of graphics strewn around gives customers the feeling of being in a cute and quaint Manhattan bakery when browsing the Crumbs website.  Even the option to “create your own 6-pack” includes a drag-and-drop feature with vivid product imagery to simulate the process of actually filling out your own tray (pictured below).  Goods are organized in a simple drop-down menu that distinguishes between their individual signature cupcakes and their differently-sized categories of collections.  A simple mouse roll-over shows alternating vantage points of a product, with especially picturesque, almost tastable photography that is sure to make your mouth water.  Moreover, a quick checkout process allows options for adding customizable greeting cards to your delectable order.  Finally, the website is mobile-friendly and contains accessible connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest–the latter of which is particularly useful as it serves as a #1 hot spot for sweet-tooths to congregate!  Ultimately, Crumbs has certainly utilized the flexibility of Magento to create a memorable, individualized, and efficient shopping experience.

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