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Customizo is a business platform that relies on cutting edge internet technology to run their company.  They offer competitive prices on custom apparel and other embroidered accessories for groups, teams, businesses, and any other mass orders.  Their homepage is clean-cut, akin to the blank canvases of products they offer.  A drop-down menu allows customers to choose among various clothing styles and other merchandise, while the majority of your time on their website is spent in the Design Studio (pictured below).

Whether you choose to start from scratch or utilize one of their thousands of inspired templates, ranging from sorority designs to sports logos and religious images (pictured below), you can create anything your mind can imagine in the Customizo Design Studio.  After choosing a background color, you can upload and place artwork, edit pre-established graphics, and add text to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Other unique features include the “Personal Shopper,” in which twelve questions with options to check multiple answers narrows down the products that match your specific criteria, the ability to side-by-side compare products, and the feature that allows simultaneous group collaboration on the design of a product.  Although the site requires a registration to make a customized item and complete a purchase, the check-out process is quite simple and straightforward.

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