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The Diamond Nexus Homepage seems a little busier than other Magento-based eCommerce websites upon first glance, with every feature displayed and popping in hot pink or bold teal: links to connect with their social media outlets, access highlighted weekly contests to win products,  log-in to PayPal, LiveChat, request a catalog, view customer reviews, and more.  And, of course, there are plenty of links to start shopping.

Self-proclaimed as the “World leader in man-made diamond simulant jewelry”, Diamond Nexus sells hundreds of different styles of engagement rings and other jewelry; also, they allow an option to “make her dreams come true” and create custom jewelry.  The product pages are more organized, with each piece containing an extensive list of product details, customer reviews, images of varied angles, and even its own video to view prior to purchasing.  If you can see past the multitude of services offered on Diamond Nexus, there are actually numerous, useful features to make purchasing imitation-diamond jewelry rather uncomplicated.

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