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Exauro is an online store dedicated to selling and promoting wines and other regional products from the Douro Region in Portugal.  Nevertheless, Exauro is dedicated to creating a user-friendly webpage for visitors from around the globe, starting with options to view the site in either English, French, Spanish, or Portugese.  The homepage is plain yet effective, allowing product images to take center stage.  An extremely extensive drop-down menu (pictured above) organizes products according to the type of wine or other type of product (including sweets, jams, liqueurs  honey, and olive oil).  Then, items can be sorted by year, price, or name.  Mouse roll-overs allow customers to alternatively view product descriptions, tasting descriptions (“color/aroma/serve with”), specific details, and awards won.  Finalizing transactions also could not be simpler with a simplified check-out funnel and options to pay with PayPal.

Exauro also includes a few personal touches, including a slideshow of pictures highlighting their careful shipping methods, a thorough description of their name and origin, and a page with ten facts you should know about the region of Douro!  Plus, Exauro is mobile-friendly and has accounts connected to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.  Ultimately, the Exauro brand successfully blends a large-scale business model with small-town charm on their Magento-powered website.

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