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Immediately upon clicking on, viewers can see the cleverness, imagination, and welcoming quality of their website.  Although bordering on feeling “cluttered”, this website remains undeniably memorable and it certainly conveys the brand message through its assortment of graphics and original layout.  Images of certain products are showcased on a rolling cart graphic, while the background of the entire page is made to resemble a meat counter, complete with a “Today’s Special” blackboard, papers of recipes lying around, and an apron-clad employee holding a huge bass.  What else would you expect from a century-old, family-owned seafood business from Seattle?

Nonetheless, a side menu organizes products rather efficiently and, upon selecting one, the page details become considerably more visible.  Furthermore, selecting a product and checking out couldn’t be much easier.  Best of all, the website includes numerous other interesting features: a seafood blog, world famous recipes, seafood facts, “Fresh Seafood” in the news, and a page to “Meet Our Fishmongers”.

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