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GANT is a Swiss clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949, and has since grown into a global clothing business.  A unique blend of European inspiration, New England styles, and a mix of traditionalism and modernity can be seen throughout the website’s vivid imagery and high-fashion statement pieces.  The layout of product pages is simple yet functional, with filters for clothing type, accessories, collection, season, size, and color.  One useful feature is that product detail pages pop-up, allowing customers to easily and instantly add products to their carts while still browsing all items at once.  Furthermore, each and every product contains a wide array of images, as well as an extensive details page and sizing chart.

 Other features of Gant’s site serve to highlight the brand’s emphasis on connecting personally with consumers through portraying the feel of a small-town boutique with high-quality merchandise; the story of their humble beginnings–the company was founded by a struggling Ukrainian immigrant in the early twentieth century–are detailed in a series of nostalgic images (one of which is shown below).  The company has additionally partnered with Yale, both incorporating the university into the name of its products and showing students wearing Gant clothing in videos on their website.

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