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Gifts that Give is one Magento-powered e-Commerce website that truly takes away all qualms of online shopping and makes you actually feel pretty good about indulging in one of our universal guilty pleasures.  With 20% of each purchase automatically donated to the charity of your choice–(and, they sell hundreds of well-known brands–think Lilly Pulitzer and Dylan’s Candy Bar, to name a few–without raising the standard prices)–who wouldn’t want to spend their online shopping allowance on this one-of-a-kind, philanthropic website?

The homepage is, in one word, inviting.  Filled with strategically-placed hearts, popping with color, and highlighting their numerous supported causes and a slideshow of featured brands, the urge to spend all of your money in the name of charity and cute accessories instantly and uncontrollably amplifies.  Products can be searched and narrowed according to brand, category, and price, with each one openly listing how much money would be donated to charity if you were to purchase it.  When checking out, you have the opportunity to donate more to charity and to “share” your purchase on Facebook so that friends can donate to the same cause, as well.  The fact that donations make your purchase tax-deductible and that “Gifts that Give” is connected with hundreds of thousands of philanthropies worldwide, including everything from college Greek organizations’ philanthropies to St. Jude’s, their mission and affordable prices are sure to gain respect and popularity in the same way that Toms and similar brands recently have.

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