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Go Tech is an international brand–both serving as a sister company to India’s Leader in Electronics Solutions and housing a development facility in Virginia–that offers the latest technology at affordable prices.  With a company mission to allow technology access to the masses, especially the world’s youth, their overall brand marketing and website design serve to appeal to a wide audience.

The layout of the Go Tech site is simple, technological, and slightly edgy all in one!  A simple grey background allows your attention to focus on the slideshow of product images and somewhat eccentric graphic and font choices on the homepage.  Because they only offer a very limited range of products, there is more room on their site for extra features.  Each PC for sale contains extensive details, technical specifications, and a gallery of images (See picture below).  However, when trying to make a purchase, customers are automatically redirected to an external site.

Other features include an informative blog, a “funzone” with online games and applications, and accessible links to social media.

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