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Kobo may not have the most aesthetically pleasing website around—in terms of embellishments and endearing designs—the site is uncomplicated, clean-cut, and easily accessible. The homepage features multiple categories with four book samples within each, such as “New & Hot eBooks”, “NYT Fiction Bestsellers”, “Today’s Top 50 eBooks”, and more. A simple mouse roll-over creates a pop-up with the book’s title, author, price, and a handy “Buy Now” button. Each book then features a quick synopsis, reviews, similar recommendations, and options to “like” it on Facebook, “pin” it on Pinterest, or send it as a gift.

Besides selling eBooks, Kobo features its own line of eReaders and a multitude of free apps, including ones that allow you to track your reading stats, earn awards, share accomplishments on Facebook, and discuss novels with other readers in an online community. Ultimately, Kobo is more than an eCommerce website—they’re truly “committed to making reading a more engaging social experience.”

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