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The homepage of Lake Champlain Chocolates–a Vermont-based company that crafts gourmet chocolate truffles and other specialties for wedding favors, corporate presents, gift baskets, and more–is instantly eye-catching, which is a feat not particularly difficult to accomplish given the merchandise they are selling.  Their use of color is especially unique, with a deep brown background popping against the vivid rotating images of their delectable, work-of-art truffles.

An easily-accessible drop-down menu organizes products according to occasion, type of dessert, or price.  Products are available as pre-made assortments or you can personalize your gift–(or, better yet, you can give someone the gift of joining their “Chocolate of the Month” club for year-long treats delivered to your doorstep)!  Every product detail page offers a friendly and personable “Product Story”, as well as similar recommendations, customer testimonials, and plenty of spots for additional assistance while placing an order.  Given an option to register an account or check-out as a guest, the transaction is simple and straight-forward.

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