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For a company with such a simple and straightforward name and slogan (“we have great lamps”), Lamps.Com is comparatively accessible and uncomplicated to navigate.  Crisp images of some of their most aesthetically-pleasing lamps and chandeliers move, overlap, and rotate on the homepage, accompanied by clickable images representing every category of lighting fixtures they carry.

What essentially sets Lamps.Com apart is their incredible assortment of photography.  While some individual products are showcased by themselves, many more are shown in real-life settings.  In fact, an entire section of the website called “Get Inspired” shows some great indoor and outdoor decorating ideas, as shown below.  The website is additionally personalized as each category of lights features “Mandy’s Tips” on installation, styles, and purchasing of lighting fixtures.

Product pages are well-organized, with options to narrow down the wide array according to price, color, brand, style, specific features, height, or width.  The check-out is equally well-created, with options to make the process faster using Google Check-out, Paypal, or ordinary methods.

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