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MacGregor and MacDuff is a kilt sales and hire company based out of–you guessed it!–Scotland.  Established in 1979, MacGregor and MacDuff has been tailoring kilts and growing its business over the past three decades.  The homepage of their website is somewhat unique due to the copious amount of text present. Extensive “About Us” descriptions, detailing of the kilt hire process, and helpful hints on measuring and wearing kilts are all displayed on the content-filled homescreen.

Their wide product inventory is well-organized by a drop-down menu, and shopping is further simplified by numerous specific choices on product detail pages.  Additionally, many kilts are accompanied by a video of the exact product in use.  Other features to abridge the shopping process include a quick check-out, an option to “live chat” employees with inquiries, the ability to use Skype to design your own kilt, and useful videos about “How to Wear a Kilt”.  Ultimately, although the MacGregor and MacDuff website chooses informativeness and efficiency over aesthetics, their page is still easily navigable and provides an overall effortless shopping experience.

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