Memory Foam Shop on Magento

Upon first glance, the Memory Foam Shop E-Commerce site is instantly eye-catching, with an animated outer-space-themed design (moving clouds, shooting stars, and a glistening moon!) and a vibrant purple color scheme.  Designed by Magento specialists, this online store is mobile-friendly, connected to multiple social media outlets, efficiently practical, and aesthetically-pleasing!  An assortment of different-sized mattresses are systematized and easily navigable, with each containing graphics describing their benefits–good blood circulation, temperature sensitivity, orthopedic technology, etc.  It is also possible to find an item through two drop-down boxes on the homepage, organized according to size and comfort level.  Finally, a secure check-out process features six easy steps, with options to use PayPal and to register an account or proceed as a guest.

As the only memory foam mattress supplier in the UK to offer the 10 Year “LifeLast Guarantee” and additional bonuses of free pillows and free next-day delivery, it’s no wonder that Memory Foam Shop is the largest independent supplier of memory foam mattresses in all of England!

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