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NerdyShirts offers hundreds of unique, vintage, and utterly comical apparel for your inner geek.  Everything from a t-shirt with a graphic of a hungover baby to a hoodie with a comical spin on video games is available for relatively reasonable prices.  Ultimately, the company describes its products, saying, “These funny t shirts make a most-excellent, nerdy statement the minute you walk in the room, presuming you actually ever leave your parent’s basement.”

Despite the laid-back vibe of the business–grammar mistakes and colloquialisms are strewn throughout the website’s text blocks–the Magento platform used makes the shopping experience a breeze.  The homepage highlights a few featured products and provides options to shop by popular categories, including “video games”, “movies”, “TV”, and “Star Wars”.  Product detail pages are standard, with no extraordinary features, and checkout is made simple with options to use PayPal or their secure, traditional method.

Although the shopping process is typical (and effortless), a few features of this website are exceptional! For one, a “Daily Deal” allows users to get 50% off for one hour every single day, which can be discovered simply through following the business on Twitter.  Additionally, the company has a channel for customers to submit pictures of themselves in NerdyShirts, which are subsequently displayed on the homepage.  Also, they allow anybody to become an affiliate and earn commission by referring friends to the site.  Finally, NerdyShirts allows artists to submit their own work and donate proceeds to the charity of their choice.  For a company that started by selling four t-shirts out of the owner’s bedroom, NerdyShirts is now entering its tenth year in business selling multitudes of t-shirts, hoodies, watches, and other accessories out of a large warehouse.

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