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For a company that promotes its prime selling point as its top-notch customer service, Palmers turned to the Magento platform to create a high-functioning, easily-accessible online shopping experience.  Offering the latest in luxury home furnishing and fashions, Palmers operates a large-scale department store business with an independent, traditionally family-owned mindset.

With over 175 years in business, Palmers has quite a range of merchandise; their assortment of affordable fashion accessories, big-name fragrances, high quality luggage, diverse home furnishings, and more are cleanly arranged in a drop-down menu on the homepage.  Furthermore, products can then be filtered according to brand, price, color, or type.  Product detail pages include a functional zoom feature, a list of similar items, and links to Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and their own blog.  Checkout is also made easy with a “Returning Customer” feature.

As Chairman Bruce Sturrock explains, “Good service is very important to us, it is our point of difference and we work hard to ensure the high level is maintained, whether in our stores or over the internet.”  Palmers online guarantees that you will get a response directly, either by phone or email depending on what you have specified, to let you know that your order has been received; additionally, contact is made as soon as your order is dispatched so that you can pinpoint the product’s expected delivery.

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