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Simply put, Poppin Office Supplies is one of the “happiest” websites around.  In fact, their slogan is “work happy.” and one tagline reads, “Who said office supplies have to be dull? At, we’re a small company with big dreams to change the way you work.”  A rainbow of neon colors pops out everywhere throughout the site, while not coming off as overwhelming and still maintaining a sense of professional organization.  With other various product titles reading “Pens to match your manicure”, “Cutest paper products ever”, and “You’re going to look great this year”, the entire company embodies a positive, light-hearted vibe; this is reflected throughout the design choices on their site, including bubbly fonts, bright color choices, and a sleek layout.  Even their pop-up offer (see below) includes a perky message!

An extensive drop-down menu offers a wide array of merchandise, organized by type of product or by color, with separate links to free downloads or personalize-able gifts.  One of the most useful and ingenious features of the site is the “Design-a-Desk” page, in which customers can view pre-established color combinations of various desk accessories or easily create their own by seeing all options of specific colors available for each product with a simple mouse roll-over, including everything from stackable boxes to staplers.  Although check-out requires registering an account, the option to pay with PayPal is an especially handy feature and Poppin offers free shipping!  Ultimately, the entirety of the webpage is as colorful as their assortment of products and makes visitors feel welcome and cheerful when browsing their stock, which is most important in an e-Commerce company.

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