PrAna on Magento

Although Prana may not yet be an instantly recognizable brand name in the world of men’s and women’s activewear, their brand message is noticeable upon first glance at their online site.  “PrAna” is an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality of the spirit, and has been the driving force behind the designs and inventory of the business.  Starting out as a climbing- and yoga-outfitting company, PrAna has since grown to carry all types of clothing products and accessories for men and women, while still maintaining its down-to-earth, eco-friendly emphasis.

PrAna on Magento

The homepage of PrAna features natural, handwritten fonts and relies on a white background to emphasize the slideshow of adventure images of their brand ambassadors and products in action.  A drop-down menu organizes products by “Women,” “Men,” and “Life,” the latter of which encompasses profiles of famous athlete ambassadors, articles on “Doing the Right Thing,” and a calendar of interesting outdoor events across the nation.  Before even entering your address, a dealer locator at the bottom of the site instantly shows the nearest store to your computer’s location.  For users that prefer shopping online, product pages have a “Quick View” option that allow customers to browse easily and view various color options available before switching pages. Plus, each product detail page includes multiple photographs and a video of the garment in use (pictured below).  Check-out has multiple options to proceed as a guest or create an account, each with a highly-verified security guarantee.

PrAna on Magento

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