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Pure & Little serves as yet another Magento-powered eCommerce site whose brand emphasizes the “green” and organic foundations of their products.  Pure & Little offers a variety of eco-friendly baby products including everything from organic cotton baby clothes to natural baby skin care to lullaby CDs!  The overall site design, blending an earth-toned color palette with jubilant graphics and scattered hearts, matches the company’s twofold brand message perfectly.  Products are organized by category on the homepage, and then further categorized using clickable graphics (as shown below).

Product detail pages contain a convenient “You May Also Like” tool, and checkout is a breeze with six quick steps for guests and an even simpler process for registered customers. A few unique features of Pure & Little include its gift registry service, numerous inclusions in various press outlets, and thorough, bona fide description on “Why Organic?”.   The current trendiness of environmental consciousness has led Pure & Little to gain a growing celebrity clientele, which is sure to further propel the company’s success in the coming years.

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