Russell’s Western Wear on Magento

For a company boasting to be one of the largest boot distributors in the state of Florida, Russell’s Western Wear certainly embraces and showcases their country roots in the design of their website.  Everything from the wooden-designed background to the vintage cowboy pictures displaying their products brings the feel of the old West to life.  The webpage’s navigation is as basic as the old-fashioned life style they’re trying to display; a drop-down menu at the top, a picture menu near the bottom, and a site-wide search engine make finding any particular item a breeze.  In addition to boots, Russell’s Western Wear also sells ball caps, jewelry, jeans, and more.

Product detail pages are similarly basic, and could honestly be technologically-enhanced a bit.  That being said, the products are well-organized by brand, material, size, toe style, heel style, top color, bottom color, width, waterproof or not–you name it!  The best feature is a “Compare List” (pictured below) in which you can select multiple products to compare details side by side before adding to your wishlist or making a purchase.  Check-out is also painless with options to use PayPal or check-out as a guest–Finally a site that doesn’t require customers to create an account before buying a single item!

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