Seven Planet on Magento

Seven Planet incorporates an earthy design in their overall theme and color patterns, which both reflects the brand’s ecofriendly message and provides a welcome, refreshing break from the typical Magento “look”.  The brown background is meant to resemble recycled burlap, while white and green fonts accompany natural images to complete the cohesion.

Seven Planet is the world’s first chain of “green” general stores, offering products ranging from apparel to food to lighting to pet products!  They have a vision to promote the practice of mindful commerce, which customers are reminded of throughout their product descriptions and overall site design.  A homepage drop-down menu with fly-out navigation is used to initially organize products; then, after selecting a category (“apparel”, “energy”, “food”, “health”, “household”, “shelter”, or “travel”), the company offers a few statistics on the wasteful practices currently going on in the world and ways in which knowledge of reusability can promote change.  Then, a six-step checkout procedure and options to use Google Checkout make the purchasing process rather effortless.  Other unique features–a video page, a blog centered around eco-friendliness, and a calendar of relevant events–are currently under construction.

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