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Skinnygirl Daily is a relatively new company that combines celebrity endorsement with proven scientific research to create a popular and efficient product line of on-the-go health supplements.  American TV personality Bethenny Frankel’s love of life, natural foods, and a healthy body despite a busy lifestyle and Matt Hesse’s focus on safe supplementation combined to inspire the Skinnygirl Daily brand.  The homepage is instantly inviting, with inspirational pictures, Bethenny Frankel quotes, and applicable proverbs shifting above links to their Facebook page, Lifestyle blog articles, success story testimonials, and product pages.  The unique, colorful background and clip-art style graphics highlight the “girly” aspect of the brand.

The Skinnygirl Daily website, however, focuses more on just the merchandise that they sell; an assortment of healthy recipes, cleansing tips, and abilities to connect with other Skinnygirl Daily users creates a well-rounded online health community rather than just your typical e-Commerce site.  Still, the process of buying their products is easily navigable as well.  With a diverse product line and optional combinations of testing out different flavors and sampler packs, the procedure is undoubtedly personalized.

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