Skype on Magento

Even one of the most well-recognized brand names in the entire world used Magento software to launch their online shop!  Skype sells an assortment of webcams, headsets, and related products.  All design aspects–from the blue color palette to the cloud graphics to the font choices–reflect the brand’s recognizable trademarks.  Nonetheless, the site’s white background make it clean, modern, and easily navigable.

A drop-down menu on the top of the homepage primarily discusses the operations, prices, and support available for the Skype calling application.  A side menu organizes purchasable products by category, with check-box filters available for brand, subcategories, and price to make the shopping process effortless.  Comparability features and connections to social media outlets are also useful.  The actual purchasing process is outsourced to a global merchant partner, ChatandVision, which operates one of the most efficient check-out transactions imaginable: an option to use PayPal or various credit cards is available, and all information can be filled out and submitted in a single step!

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