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Despite a somewhat busy main page, SlimGenics brings weight loss strategies to the twenty-first century by creating a supportive and unique online community. By connecting consumers to a professional counselor and providing a nutritional plan that fits into everyday grocery store and restaurant purchases, SlimGenics “provides a holistic approach to weight loss and more importantly, weight control and management.” With helpful links to nationwide SlimGenics centers, there are also sections of the website dedicated to the Home Program, in which members track their weight online and use the program’s phone support, instructional DVDs, and coupon books.

After registering for an account, the “shop” section of the webpage offers deals on various healthy snacks, weight-loss supplements, cookbooks, and more. With free consultations, a range of featured “success stories”, and over 32,000 “likes” from Facebook, it appears as though the field of weight-loss programs is yet another beginning to move into the online realm.

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