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Stainless 24’s website undoubtedly stands apart, both for its stylistic simplicity and for the way in which it includes product details right on the homepage.  A side menu categorizes merchandise at a very basic level and product detail pages are straight-forward with no special features or zooming capabilities.  However, despite the lack of up-to-date online technology on Stainless 24, their platform is extremely efficient: useful functions on the website’s side allow users to view recently-viewed products, to compare multiple product features side-by-side, and to easily see what has already been added to one’s “basket”.  Finally, check-out is similarly uncomplicated, with a funneled process and options to register an account or proceed as a guest.

Stainless 24 is a family-run, UK-based supplier of quality 316 stainless steel railing components, launching recently in 2011.  Although their website is not yet particularly attractive or artistic, the company is still growing and has done an excellent job of organizing their inventory and making their website user-friendly in a short amount of time.  And, ultimately, perhaps the unembellished approach taken by Stainless 24 is most appropriate given the products that they sell.

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