Sunfood on Magento

Sunfood on Magento

Unlike many of the simplistic modern designs created with Magento, Sunfood shows how versatile the software truly is.  Sunfood maximizes the use of text and verbiage to enhance their sales strategy, while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing webpage.  Sunfood provides organic superfoods, super fruits, herbs, teas, supplements, and raw food lifestyle products.  With this wide inventory–and inclusion of links to appropriate news articles, pages of recipes, and an abundance of available information on the company–there seems no way to not include a plenitude of text on the site!

A stationary background image of succulent strawberries provides a pop of color to the otherwise natural-colored palette.  A drop-down menu organizes the various items by category and product pages have convenient “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” buttons that can be accessed before completely viewing a product.  Finally, the check-out process (pictured below) is safe, secure, and simple!

Sunfood on Magento

The Sunfood emphasis on customer service is noticeable through the navigability of their website, as well as additional included features such as live chat, opportunities to “Join the Sunfood family,” and an abundance of helpful information regarding healthy eating.  Ultimately, Sunfood’s partnership with Magento makes it more than a typical eCommerce site; it becomes a community!

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