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Frette on Magento

Homepage of Frette

Frette, the self-proclaimed “leading provider of the finest linens to homes and hotels worldwide”, prides themselves on selling the boldest and brightest patterns, and the design of their website certainly mirrors this.  The background of the homepage features a vivid image of a beautiful bed sitting outdoors, with product detail pages containing more unique photography and state-of-the-art zooming technology.

An extensive drop-down menu organizes an abundance of inventory–everything from bedding to clothing to beach accessories–in a systematized fashion, and product pages offer filters for price, color, and size.  Plus, a wishlist option and a “similar products” tool allow customers to instantly find what they are looking for.  Finally, a 3-step guest checkout procedure (or even quicker checkout efficiency with a registered account) further simplifies the complete shopping experience.

Frette on Magento

For a company that started in 1860, Frette began its online boutique only 7 years ago.  Since they chose to utilize the versatility of the Magento platform, their business has continued its worldwide expansion.  Stretching from Hong Kong to New York to Milan, Frette is now celebrating over 150 years of providing quality style and comfort to a variety of clientele.

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Darling Clothes on Magento

Darling Clothes on Magento

Each and every aspect of the Darling Clothes website reflects the brand emphasis on classic design, exquisite details, and a vintage twist.  The homepage is jam-packed with interesting background artwork, product imagery, graceful font choices, and ultramodern roll-over technology features.  All products are neatly organized within the main menu; then, product detail pages feature filter capabilities, sorting options, and alternate views of products upon a simple mouse roll-over.

Darling Clothes on Magento

Plus, Darling extends beyond simply selling products through their website.  A lookbook and fashion blog showcase their products in use, in addition to highlighting applicable outside stories.  Furthermore, the mobile-friendly website is connected to accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Although only started recently in 2008, Darling has already reached a number of notable clientele and has graced the pages of Elle & Marie Claire Magazines.  Moreover, it has been featured on numerous television shows, such as The X Factor.  Supremely feminine, ‘English’-inspired, and classically created, Darling’s one-of-a-kind brand identity is certainly behind their rapid progress and popularity.

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PrAna on Magento

Although Prana may not yet be an instantly recognizable brand name in the world of men’s and women’s activewear, their brand message is noticeable upon first glance at their online site.  “PrAna” is an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life, and vitality of the spirit, and has been the driving force behind the designs and inventory of the business.  Starting out as a climbing- and yoga-outfitting company, PrAna has since grown to carry all types of clothing products and accessories for men and women, while still maintaining its down-to-earth, eco-friendly emphasis.

PrAna on Magento

The homepage of PrAna features natural, handwritten fonts and relies on a white background to emphasize the slideshow of adventure images of their brand ambassadors and products in action.  A drop-down menu organizes products by “Women,” “Men,” and “Life,” the latter of which encompasses profiles of famous athlete ambassadors, articles on “Doing the Right Thing,” and a calendar of interesting outdoor events across the nation.  Before even entering your address, a dealer locator at the bottom of the site instantly shows the nearest store to your computer’s location.  For users that prefer shopping online, product pages have a “Quick View” option that allow customers to browse easily and view various color options available before switching pages. Plus, each product detail page includes multiple photographs and a video of the garment in use (pictured below).  Check-out has multiple options to proceed as a guest or create an account, each with a highly-verified security guarantee.

PrAna on Magento

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Whistles on Magento

Founded in London around 35 years ago, Whistles originated as an independent clothing boutique and has now evolved into a leading womenswear brand, known for its contemporary, luxurious, and effortless designs. Styles combine a laid-back vibe with an immaculate attention to detail and quality; this brand feature is reflected in the simplistic yet modern design of their website, operating on Magento software.

The homepage of Whistles incorporates a minimalist black-and-white color scheme, with pops of lime green accompanying mouse rollovers.  Product pages contain a few unique features, including 5 sorting options, a choice to view either the specific product or the entire outfit, and an extensive filter system.  Furthermore, product detail pages have excellent zooming capabilities, multiple angled views, and easily accessible links to various social media outlets. Check-out proceeds from your shopping cart to complete payment in only 5 steps!

Other useful features include an efficient store locator, an “inspiration” blog, a mobile site option, and a fashionable look book.

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Heartbreaker on Magento

Heartbreaker Fashion makes the most out of their freedom to experiment with design under the versatility of Magento software.  With a unique retro-inspired theme and full screen feel, Heartbreaker is the place to find original designs inspired by fashion of the 1950’s and ’60’s.  A slideshow on the homepage provides a glimpse into some of their best-selling products and current deals, while drop-down navigation easily displays and systematizes their vast inventory.

The most useful feature when browsing products on Heartbreaker is undoubtedly the clarity of their photographs combined with excellent zooming capabilities.  Other functional attributes include a wishlist feature, ability to find similar products, and links to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Originating as a home-based, mother-daughter business in 2005, Heartbreaker now provides merchandise to over 300 stores in the US and internationally!  The distinctiveness of their overall brand and website has allowed them to grow from auspicious beginnings to national recognition in less than a decade.

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jb and me on Magento

jb and me debuted in March of 1997 in Holland, Michigan, by a mother and daughter team who seem to genuinely care about each and every woman looking her absolute best through fashion.  With a complimentary personal shopping offer, a blog with numerous style tips, and inspiring quotes strewn around the charmingly-designed website, jb and me is more than a simple clothing site; it’s a community.  jb and me strives to offer a blend of designer fashion that appeal to women of all ages.  A pop-up lookbook is an especially interesting feature, with links to “pin” items to Pinterest, Tweet about them, or “Like” them on Facebook.  Although jb and me differs from most Magento-powered sites in that merchandise is currently purchased only in-store, the growing company’s online capabilities are sure to grow as well.

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PeaceLoveWorld on Magento

As the company states itself, “PeaceLoveWorld’s philosophy is as simple as it sounds: the intention to spread peace, love, and happiness wherever possible.”  With over 60,000 Facebook Fans and celebrity customers including Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Ellen Degeneres, the PeaceLoveWorld website design adequately reflects the brand’s chic popularity and modern spiritedness.  Everything from fun font choices to a slideshow of vivid product images creates a feel-good vibe on this E-Commerce site operating on the Magento platform.

After making a selection from the homepage’s drop-down menu, products are further filtered through one of the most extensive side menus imaginable: options are available to narrow merchandise according to collection, category, color, symbol type, symbol color, sleeve length, material, symbol location, neck type, fit, finish, or size!  Furthermore, product detail pages contain just about everything you could ever ask for: incredible zooming features, numerous picture angles, extensive details/reviews/FAQ’s, and many even contain a video of the garment being photographed.  Check-out is made easy with only 6 steps and the ability to log-in using a Facebook account.  Other useful website features include its mobile-friendliness, links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and a supplementary fashion blog.

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Morris & Sons on Magento

The website of Morris & Sons clothing company is one whose design is instantly eye-catching, inviting, and utterly unforgettable.  Morris & Sons is a Chicago-based company that offers Italian designer clothing, after-five apparel, and handmade tailored clothing.  Celebrating over 60 years of business, Morris & Sons online platform highlights both their obvious development and consistent commitment to classic style.

A drop-down menu on top is further filtered according to a selected designer; further, users can zoom-in on and drag around a chosen garment before making a purchase.  Although checkout requires the registration of an account, the process is simple and effortless.

A few unique features include the roll-over media section which shows the brand in an assortment of top-tier fashion magazines; a “travelogue” with blog posts on everything from how to correctly tie a Windsor Knot to a history of style through the ages; and various community polls accompanied by a live Twitter feed.

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Gant on Magento

GANT is a Swiss clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949, and has since grown into a global clothing business.  A unique blend of European inspiration, New England styles, and a mix of traditionalism and modernity can be seen throughout the website’s vivid imagery and high-fashion statement pieces.  The layout of product pages is simple yet functional, with filters for clothing type, accessories, collection, season, size, and color.  One useful feature is that product detail pages pop-up, allowing customers to easily and instantly add products to their carts while still browsing all items at once.  Furthermore, each and every product contains a wide array of images, as well as an extensive details page and sizing chart.

 Other features of Gant’s site serve to highlight the brand’s emphasis on connecting personally with consumers through portraying the feel of a small-town boutique with high-quality merchandise; the story of their humble beginnings–the company was founded by a struggling Ukrainian immigrant in the early twentieth century–are detailed in a series of nostalgic images (one of which is shown below).  The company has additionally partnered with Yale, both incorporating the university into the name of its products and showing students wearing Gant clothing in videos on their website.

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Russell’s Western Wear on Magento

For a company boasting to be one of the largest boot distributors in the state of Florida, Russell’s Western Wear certainly embraces and showcases their country roots in the design of their website.  Everything from the wooden-designed background to the vintage cowboy pictures displaying their products brings the feel of the old West to life.  The webpage’s navigation is as basic as the old-fashioned life style they’re trying to display; a drop-down menu at the top, a picture menu near the bottom, and a site-wide search engine make finding any particular item a breeze.  In addition to boots, Russell’s Western Wear also sells ball caps, jewelry, jeans, and more.

Product detail pages are similarly basic, and could honestly be technologically-enhanced a bit.  That being said, the products are well-organized by brand, material, size, toe style, heel style, top color, bottom color, width, waterproof or not–you name it!  The best feature is a “Compare List” (pictured below) in which you can select multiple products to compare details side by side before adding to your wishlist or making a purchase.  Check-out is also painless with options to use PayPal or check-out as a guest–Finally a site that doesn’t require customers to create an account before buying a single item!

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