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Sunfood on Magento

Sunfood on Magento

Unlike many of the simplistic modern designs created with Magento, Sunfood shows how versatile the software truly is.  Sunfood maximizes the use of text and verbiage to enhance their sales strategy, while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing webpage.  Sunfood provides organic superfoods, super fruits, herbs, teas, supplements, and raw food lifestyle products.  With this wide inventory–and inclusion of links to appropriate news articles, pages of recipes, and an abundance of available information on the company–there seems no way to not include a plenitude of text on the site!

A stationary background image of succulent strawberries provides a pop of color to the otherwise natural-colored palette.  A drop-down menu organizes the various items by category and product pages have convenient “Add to Wishlist” or “Add to Cart” buttons that can be accessed before completely viewing a product.  Finally, the check-out process (pictured below) is safe, secure, and simple!

Sunfood on Magento

The Sunfood emphasis on customer service is noticeable through the navigability of their website, as well as additional included features such as live chat, opportunities to “Join the Sunfood family,” and an abundance of helpful information regarding healthy eating.  Ultimately, Sunfood’s partnership with Magento makes it more than a typical eCommerce site; it becomes a community!

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Graham and Green on Magento

Graham and Green on Magento

Graham and Green serves as yet another UK-based eCommerce company that improved their company’s online efforts by turning to Magento.  Offering leading-edge furniture and home accessories from the nation’s best interior decorators, G&G’s website blends exquisite contemporary design with an SEO-friendly built-in framework.  With an intricate black-and-white background (and splashes of hot pink), the fading slideshow of product images is flawlessly highlighted. A wide range of inventory is systematically organized by category into a colorful drop-down menu on the home screen.  From there, product detail pages (one is pictured below) are exceptionally descriptive, with convenient options to “pin” on Pinterest or “like” on Facebook.  With sustained popularity and an active presence in the press, G&G has even created a blog and their own YouTube channel!

Graham and Green on Magento

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Ray Stitch on Magento

Ray Stitch on Magento

Throughout the Ray Stitch online store, the craft supply company maintains a subtly-artful theme with a simple, modernistic layout design.  Cute fonts, a unique border, and a colorful menu make the entire site cohesive and memorable.

The company, based out of a quaint shop in London, takes an extremely user-friendly approach to business.  Their UK store incorporates a cafe and sewing classes in the building, and their webpage contains additional features that make it more than a typical eCommerce site: a blog, instructions for sewing patterns, online magazines, gift ideas, and a gallery of photographs submitted by staff and customers alike.  Plus, the browsing process is equally user-friendly.  Products are well-organized in a side menu and checkout is just six simple steps.

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Frette on Magento

Homepage of Frette

Frette, the self-proclaimed “leading provider of the finest linens to homes and hotels worldwide”, prides themselves on selling the boldest and brightest patterns, and the design of their website certainly mirrors this.  The background of the homepage features a vivid image of a beautiful bed sitting outdoors, with product detail pages containing more unique photography and state-of-the-art zooming technology.

An extensive drop-down menu organizes an abundance of inventory–everything from bedding to clothing to beach accessories–in a systematized fashion, and product pages offer filters for price, color, and size.  Plus, a wishlist option and a “similar products” tool allow customers to instantly find what they are looking for.  Finally, a 3-step guest checkout procedure (or even quicker checkout efficiency with a registered account) further simplifies the complete shopping experience.

Frette on Magento

For a company that started in 1860, Frette began its online boutique only 7 years ago.  Since they chose to utilize the versatility of the Magento platform, their business has continued its worldwide expansion.  Stretching from Hong Kong to New York to Milan, Frette is now celebrating over 150 years of providing quality style and comfort to a variety of clientele.

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Darling Clothes on Magento

Darling Clothes on Magento

Each and every aspect of the Darling Clothes website reflects the brand emphasis on classic design, exquisite details, and a vintage twist.  The homepage is jam-packed with interesting background artwork, product imagery, graceful font choices, and ultramodern roll-over technology features.  All products are neatly organized within the main menu; then, product detail pages feature filter capabilities, sorting options, and alternate views of products upon a simple mouse roll-over.

Darling Clothes on Magento

Plus, Darling extends beyond simply selling products through their website.  A lookbook and fashion blog showcase their products in use, in addition to highlighting applicable outside stories.  Furthermore, the mobile-friendly website is connected to accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Although only started recently in 2008, Darling has already reached a number of notable clientele and has graced the pages of Elle & Marie Claire Magazines.  Moreover, it has been featured on numerous television shows, such as The X Factor.  Supremely feminine, ‘English’-inspired, and classically created, Darling’s one-of-a-kind brand identity is certainly behind their rapid progress and popularity.

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Blu Dot on Magento

Homepage of Blu Dot

A company that originated from the passion of three college friends with knacks for art and architecture, Blu Dot has since grown into a nationwide leader in contemporary furniture design.  An inventory of products that are useful, desirable, and affordable stemmed from their own problem: “We didn’t like the stuff we could afford and we couldn’t afford the stuff we liked.” Thus, Blu Dot, with a goal to bring superior design to as many customers as possible, was born.

Everything from the drop-down, fly-out menu to the popping graphics and interesting photography choices sets the homepage of Blu Dot apart.  An instant modernistic feel enchants the visitor, which is only perpetuated upon delving deeper into the site. Their main menu is organized by category, with additional options to view a catalog, locate a store, or browse their tumblr page.  Their unique use of color, design, and layout using Magento allows product imagery to take precedence over text and creates a truly contemporary site.  Browsing product pages is a breeze and a five-step process makes for an effortless checkout!

However, what ultimately modernizes the Blu Dot online store is its connections to social media and its inclusion of interesting features beyond simply e-Commerce.  Besides linking its account to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, Blu Dot also incorporates a “BluTube” page of videos, a section of unique iPhone apps, a blog (pictured below), contests, and more!

Blog of Blu Dot

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Living Proof on Magento

Living Proof on Magento

Living Proof relies on a plain yet functional and modern design to sell an assortment of hair products.  Half of their drop-down menu is devoted to “About Us” and “Our Science,” highlighting their commitment to serving as a non-traditional, cutting edge beauty company.  Their inventory can be browsed and sorted according to “Award Winners,” “Most Popular,” or based on their purpose of cleansing, conditioning, repairing, or styling.

With free shipping, free returns, free samples with every purchase, and active ties to various social media outlets, it is clear that Living Proof is striving to have a strong online presence.  By utilizing Magento software to make that a reality, they created a simplified and effortless shopping experience.  Each product detail page contains a list of awards won, videos of the product in use, frequently asked questions, customer reviews, and an extensive list of ingredients.  Finally, a six-step secure check-out completes the transaction!

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Crumbs on Magento

Everything from the vibrant array of colors to the bubbly font choices to the assortment of graphics strewn around gives customers the feeling of being in a cute and quaint Manhattan bakery when browsing the Crumbs website.  Even the option to “create your own 6-pack” includes a drag-and-drop feature with vivid product imagery to simulate the process of actually filling out your own tray (pictured below).  Goods are organized in a simple drop-down menu that distinguishes between their individual signature cupcakes and their differently-sized categories of collections.  A simple mouse roll-over shows alternating vantage points of a product, with especially picturesque, almost tastable photography that is sure to make your mouth water.  Moreover, a quick checkout process allows options for adding customizable greeting cards to your delectable order.  Finally, the website is mobile-friendly and contains accessible connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest–the latter of which is particularly useful as it serves as a #1 hot spot for sweet-tooths to congregate!  Ultimately, Crumbs has certainly utilized the flexibility of Magento to create a memorable, individualized, and efficient shopping experience.

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Toms on Magento

One of the most recognizable and charitable shoe brands worldwide, Toms’ popularity has sky-rocketed since the business’s inception back in 2006.  Due to both the trendy fad of the shoe style, customizable and creative design options, and the brand’s “One for One” commitment to giving, Toms was awarded the prestigious People’s Design Award from the Smithsonian Institution and the 2009 ACE award by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which recognizes companies’ commitments to corporate social responsibility, innovation, exemplary practices, and democratic values worldwide.  This fresh and booming company understandably chose Magneto software to run their online division.

The overall design aspects implemented into the web store reflect the well-known Toms brand perfectly: from the blue-and-white striped header to the “natural” textured backgrounds, unfussy font choices, and plain color palette, the entirety of the website adequately represents the pre-established brand emphasis on serenity and charity.  A slideshow of moving product images on the homescreen showcases a few of the various designs that Toms offers, while a drop-down, fly-out menu atop organizes inventory according to gender, age, and style.  Browsers can also flip through the online catalog to find desired items.  Then, product detail pages contain filters for size, color, and price to narrow down the hundreds of styles–everything from shoes decorated with the Periodic Table graphic to neon blue glitter–to precisely what you’re looking for.  Products also have a “Quick Info” pop-up feature to see available sizes and details without changing pages.  Furthermore, each product page contains numerous customer reviews, pictures of buyers in “How We Wear Them,” extensive sizing details, “Add to Wishlist” capabilities, and assorted related products.

Checkout at Toms is somewhat unique, as the process allows you to register through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, or proceed as a guest.  A secured checkout process that accepts PayPal and various other payment forms completes the uncomplicated shopping experience.  The Toms webpage also features a handy “Retail Finder” to locate any and all nearby stores that carry the brand.

One final unique feature of Toms Online is the feel-good blog connected to the website (pictured below).  An assortment of posts and video entries containing celebrity endorsements, news from third-world nations, and simply inspiring posts adorn the site and certainly make the experience on Tom’s website memorable.

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Amanda Wakeley on Magento

Amanda Wakeley began her brand in 1990 and has since developed an international reputation for designing stylish, supremely luxurious womenswear and accessories.  The trendy and flattering simplicity of her garments have earned her celebrity clientele including Demi Moore, Kate Winslet, and members of the royal family.  The UK-based brand is sold throughout Harrods in London but is also represented throughout Europe, America, and the Middle East.  Her online shop additionally contains “bridal boutique” and “book store” sections!

The website’s black background and minimalist design qualities immediately give it a high-fashion sophistication.  A drop-down, fly-out menu with accompanying pictures effortlessly organizes products and serves for both function and sleek design. Filters are then available based on colour and size.  Check-out (as a guest or registered member) can be completed in a mere six steps.

The entire shopping experience is complete with links to a lookbook, press pictures, runway snapshots, and a stylish blog.

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