Tips for Surviving the E-Commerce Boom this Holiday Season

By Julie Martins

In the 2015 holiday season, e-commerce sales grew by nearly four percent and online sales are expected to boom again this year. But before companies get too excited about the prospect of increased revenue streams, they should prepare themselves for increased web traffic and the issues that come with it.

That’s because many consumers see a huge disparity between websites that offer user-friendly experiences and those that are more trouble than they’re worth. Common e-commerce challenges like shopping cart abandonment, increased cost of transportation, and stock outages can make or break a retailer’s success during this frenzied final quarter of the calendar year.

But it’s not too late for e-commerce websites to make big strides towards a better management system for holiday traffic. Below is a list of the top tips your e-commerce website should implement this holiday season.

1) Ensure your website is optimized for speed and prepared for increased website traffic

2) Provide a streamlined one-page checkout

3) Ramp up your website’s responsiveness

4) Provide landing pages for gifts and best sellers for the holidays

5) Offer virtual gift cards for easy gifting options

6) Offer products on Google Product Listings Ads (PLA), shopping engines and price comparison websites

7) Offer free shipping and expedited shipping – this is the new normal

8) Create holiday sales pages

9) Provide gift wrapping and gift messaging options in checkout

10) Have a wishlist that can be shared with friends and family

While these tips are helpful for managing increased web traffic during the holidays, they’re also substantive steps e-commerce websites should work on year-round in order to create the kind of engaging, user-friendly online experience that is now expected in the digital age.

Armed with the right technology systems and processes, businesses can feel confident in their prospects and look back on this season with a smile.

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