Who are We?

At ExpandLab we are all about increasing the ease of getting your store online to drives sales, and drastically reducing the complexity to achieve it.

Our Innovation

At ExpandLab, we don’t react to the latest developments in e-commerce. We use them ourselves to find the greatest combination of technologies to help your business.

For the past few years, we’ve been on the leading edge of every major innovation in this constantly changing market. As a leader in e-commerce, we’re at the table with companies like Paypal, Google, Shipworks, Brightpearl and others. We’re in constant discussion with them about where the market is headed, and how to make online marketing more effective (and profitable) for retailers, both big and small, around the world.

Innovation defines our culture.

At ExpandLab, we never settle. We take great pride in the fact that our offerings are trusted by top retailers around the globe. We know that to maintain our position, we have to continually evolve the way retailers interact and connect with their customers.

Everyone in the company – from our product strategy team, to our agile dev teams, to our sales engineers – shares a passion for winning and maintains a focus on constant innovation in order to be the best. It’s why our customers choose to work with us. And more importantly, it’s why they stay.

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