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Winterson is a London-based company focusing on selling luxury pearl jewelry online.  As would be expected, their website is classically elegant, with a slowly fading slideshow of product images, easy readability, and a simple, subtle color palette of grays and light pink.  A drop-down menu and further product search filters accompany the merchandise.  Most vitally, each and every product is given an extensive description confirming authenticity and dimensions.  Additionally, the zoom technology and image clarity is particularly useful when browsing.  Finally, the “guest” check-out option is another way in which the shopping process is particularly easy.

The Winterson brand is also connected to various other outlets: a chic accompanying blog includes posts about upcoming jewelry trends and other fashion topics, and there are also links to connect to their Facebook or Twitter pages, (which could be especially useful if wanting to share the product you can’t really afford with friends and family through social media).

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