SCUF Gaming

Custom gaming controllers for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC: handcrafted technology to push you ahead of the competition.

The Background

Over six years ago, Scuf Gaming created a new market for professional customized gaming controllers, enabling hardcore and elite gamers to build customized, handcrafted controllers for PCs and consoles. The company saw a huge increase in web traffic and knew their online platform needed a serious upgrade to meet their tech-savvy audience’s expectations for smooth and modern interfaces.

To reach this goal, ExpandLab, one of the early adopters of Magento 2.0 Enterprise, built a groundbreaking platform for the gaming industry, which was modeled around three central pillars: education, consistency, and compatibility .

The Highlights

Because Scuf Gaming products are highly customized, the website had to include a simple yet logical tool for gamers to custom-build and design their gaming controllers. This led ExpandLab developers to build an advanced product-builder tool with intuitive UX, making it simple for customers to order custom controllers. Magento Enterprise’s flexible architecture and robust built-in features allowed the ExpandLab team to build Scuf Gaming’s product builder tool in just a few months; significantly faster than other platforms, which can take up to a year for similar features. The tool also integrated seamlessly with Scuf Gaming’s OMS, enabling an efficient process from order to manufacturing to shipment.